Recent Work

Cobot – The Weekly Status Email

The Cobot team wanted customers to stay informed about their coworking spaces’ growth and business metrics. To achieve this customers should receive a weekly email providing them with a recap of current numbers and statistics. This email works as a complement to the previously implemented analytics section. It introduces the analytics section to new customers and acts as an incentive to make a use of the metrics provided.

My role included the design and development of an responsive email template. In close collaboration I delivered everything from early sketches and wireframes to detailed mockups and production code. I’ve built the template upon the Ink email framework and used Litmus for testing the same in various email clients.

Cobot published a blogpost announcing the new feature.

Cobot – New Analytics

Cobot is a webapp that frees coworking space managers from mundane tasks, giving them the time to do what is important: attending to their coworkers. The new analytics section gives coworking space managers a detailed insight into what is going on in their space. The Cobot team wrote an elaborate blogpost about this new set of features.

I designed charts, tables and the interface which contains them. Afterwards I created the mockups and a small prototype that shows how the new section will integrate with the main application. Finally, I implemented the design within a rails app which uses handlebars.js for templating. The charts were built with D3.js by Alex from the Cobot team.

Reject.JS 2013 – A JavaScript community conference

Reject.JS is a full-day community driven not-for-profit JavaScript conference which is about to happen the third time in 2013. My work included: design & implementation of the website with a mobile-first approach using SASS & Jekyll.

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Berlin.JS – The Redesign

Berlin.JS outgrew it’s original website. To meet the new requirements a redesign became necessary. I’m doing the complete redesign with a mobile first approach and i’m also building the page templates. While the site is still in development the code is open sourced on Github.

Spotify-Remote – Control Spotify from your browser

Most remotes for spotify have to be controlled via native apps. Spotify-Remote is open source, platform agnostic and works with almost every modern browser. Spotify-Remote is a project by Coding Robin. I’m designing and developing the interface.

Reject.JS 2012 – A JavaScript community conference

A community driven conference organized by Berlin.JS. Ten talks, around 150 attendees, an abandoned swimming bath as venue. Awesome. I created the logo for the first Reject.JS back in 2011 and built the complete 2012 website from concept to implementation.

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Danone – Actimel Loyalty Platform

With gamification and the chance to win prizes Danone wanted to strengthen the customer loyalty for their Actimel yogurt drinks.

Frontend development (HTML, CSS) within Ruby on Rails project. I implemented the provided screen designs and wireframes.

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Berlin.JS – Berlin's finest JavaScript usergroup

If you like to meet Berlin’s JavaScript people, the Berlin.JS meetup is the place to be. I did the complete website design (including a logo) and implementation. The first project I mostly designed in the browser using a responsive webdesign approach.

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Filmabdruck – A Berlin based film maker

Specialising in biographic documentaries Filmabdruck also does video portraits and reportages. My work included both webdesign and frontend development as well as some Wordpress integration. In addition I designed a business card and a flyer.

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TwoDNS – A german provider for dynamic DNS

A plain and simple service for dynamic DNS which even offers some free hosts for it’s customers and a fine API to developers. I did the complete website design and frontend development within this Ruby on Rails project.

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