Hello, I'm Matti.

I help companies to design, build and deliver digital products.

The Work


Provide women with knowledge about their pelvic floor: How is it structured and which exercises help perceiving and strengthening it to prevent related diseases. Through a smartphone app, pelvina delivers the first certified digital prevention course for the pelvic floor in germany.

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A screenshot from the pelvina app displayed in an iPhone. It shows the list of course modules which at the moment presents the first module. Overlaying the smartphone there is the app icon of plevina which shows an exercising female figure, Paulina.

medi companion

Support patients with lipedema and lymphedema with a comprehensive health program. The program provides indication-specific education which includes tips on exercise and nutrition, fashion and the use of medical aids.

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A screenshot from the medi companion app displayed in an iPhone. It shows the a part of the app where users can see a chart that tells how long they wore their compression stockings during the previous seven days.


Pumpind is a subsidy programme that promotes the replacement of circulating pumps in non-residential buildings with efficient new pumps. Swiss companies can apply for public subsidies via a web application.

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A screenshot from the Pumpind homepage displayed in a Macbook. Text on the image presents the marketing claims, main benefits (40% savings in energy costs and up to 25% subsidy) and the call to action to


SolarAbo enables swiss energy suppliers to offer solar power systems to home owners as either lease option or direct purchase. On a white-label platform which hosts an online calculator, interested parties can request offers for both rental and purchase options.

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A screenshot from the SolarAbo homepage displayed in a Macbook. It shows an image of a couple that stands closely together in front of their home which has solar panels applied to the roof. Text on the image present the marketing claims, main benefits and the call to action for the offering.

This is what I can help you with

UX/UI Design

Digital product design

I am a hands-on designer with many years of experience in designing user interfaces for digital products ranging from simple websites to complex web applications and mobile apps.

My experience and insights from analytics and user research are the foundation for design decisions that strengthen user experience and support the achieving of business goals.

From the idea to the finished product I work with special attention to the right details and with a strong understanding of web development. At the intersection of design, software development and product management I advocate the user perspective and mediate between the players.

UI Development

Design implementation

I am a design implementer who likes to work at the front-front-end of products. I specialise in writing HTML and CSS with a dash of JavaScript.

Work closely with software developers, I implement robust, component-based front-ends. I place the highest value on a pragmatic and precise implementation of the design – usability, accessibility and last but not least, the designers' intention always in mind.

In the past I implented design in various stacks, including Ruby on Rails, React and Vue.