About me

I'm a self-taught web designer based in Berlin Augsburg. For more than 20 years I have been occupying myself with digital design and computer based creation. I believe in design as an iterative process that requires close collaboration with all key stakeholders. At every stage of the process there needs to be lively exchange between people involved in the project.

The first website I ever contributed to went live in 2001 but it took me a few years until I started to translate my designs into HTML and CSS all by myself. In that timespan I shot and retouched product photos, created flyers, posters, brochures — and of course websites.

For the last couple of years I'm offering both web design and front-end development services professionally. Amongst others I helped to build websites and other digital products for clients like Danone, SwissCom, myclimate, Pernod Ricard Austria, Mercedes Benz, Axel Springer SE and Berliner Sparkasse.

Along the way I got involved with the Berlin tech community and took part in the organization of the Reject.JS conference and Nodecopter. Over the years I built a few websites for Reject.JS, took lots of photos, shot and edited a few videos.